Welcome to Posh Tanning Salon and Spa!

Welcome to Posh Tanning Salon and Spa

Our tanning salon is located within the Cagan Crossings Town Center, in Clermont. We service the four corners area in FL.

Welcome to Posh Tanning Salon and Spa. We offer a variety of tanning packages and deals to fit any budget. We also offer UV-free Spray Tanning and Hydro Fusion sessions to detox your skin and de-stress your body.

Give us a visit and let our professional skincare specialist show you how we can help you keep healthy and beautiful looking skin while using our tanning services. It is fast and easy. Posh Tanning and Spa offers a unique tanning experience which will highlight the beauty within you.

Tanning Lotions

Posh also carries...
a large assortment of tanning products like Swedish Beauty, Australian Gold and more!

Posh Tanning Boutique

Posh Boutique features...
a unique line of swimwear, jewelry, sunglasses, sandals, towels, tote-bags, and more!

Yes, We Have The VersaSpa!

VersaSpa Machine at Posh Tanning Salon and Spa

Professional Skincare

The VersaSpa machine allows you to tan fast and easy. It offers an open air design that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed during the entire session.

VersaSpa allows Target-area application for only your face, legs or your entire body.

VersaSpa creates flawless skin rejuvenating sunless results!

VersaSpa offers multiple options of treatment; all in a single session. It also allows you to exit the machine set to re-dress; all thanks to the comfortable, full blow dry treatment.

Our professional staff will walk you through the 4 easy steps, and will answer all of your questions regarding VersaSpa treatments and options.

The bronzing formula used in the VersaSpa Treatments is water soluble. This means that even though you may notice some initial coloring on the inside of your clothes, this color will wash out with cold water.

Posh Tanning Salon and Spa in Clermont (Four Corners) is the only Tanning Salon that offers the VersaSpa.